Blame my MA Thesis

April 29, 2010

Dear Papaito,

Something very interesting happened to me today on my way back home from the Islamic Center (I was there to pray Maghreb after class). I could not wait to write to you about it, so I wrote you a letter from the subway train. But because I need to have my thesis approved tomorrow, I do not have time to transcribe the letter from my journal right now. So you will have to wait to hear about it tomorrow inshaAllah. I hope it makes you curious, because it it really was very interesting. Are you curious?

Yes blame my thesis for the delay. This is actually my one grudge against my MA; not being able to write what I need to write, when I need to write it… I have so much to say tonight! And I am actually very annoyed that I cannot write right now, alhamdulilah, and I am annoyed at my thesis, and annoyed by a few other things related to it… And I’m stressed about it, and overall, I just want to throw it out the window… which I cannot do, because it is actually in my laptop, and if I throw my laptop out the window, then I wont be able to write to you….

Much annoyed and grumpy,


ps. It was very interesting…very, very interesting


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