No Golden Egg Geese

June 3, 2010

Dear Papaito,

Do not pray for a goose. It will all be a lot less glamorous; I will apply for many jobs, and never hear back from most. I will make a few phone calls, and hopefully be called for a couple of interviews. Then, after a lot of sweat and tears, someone will offer me a job, inshaAllah!, which I will take because by then so much time will have passed my bank account will be emaciated to bones. Once I have the job, or the job has me, I will get up every morning and go to an office, do stuff working people do –whatever that is-, and then get money at the end of the month. Routine will kill my imagination and consume my time, and when that happens, I will not even remember golden egg geese ever existed. Why, I’d even be lucky to remember myself.

The other alternative is becoming a teacher. They call it a job, but I am so passionate about teaching I may gracefully overlook this little annoying misnomer. If I get a teaching position at a Muslim school, I will face a routine, but I will get an opportunity to be around teens. I will have less time for my independent readings, but I will be able to learn from them. People are often the best open books, if we only we pay close attention. So while I will not have too much time to dedicate to my project, my time will be spent getting to know the group of people I intend to serve through my project. So this option seems perfect. Of course, the only tiny reservation is that it pays really bad, especially if I want to teach in a Muslim school in NYC. But this may be an unavoidable downside, because I simply see no other alternative. I refuse heart and soul to apply for a job based on economic considerations.  I don’t want a highly paying job, I want a job that makes sense for what I want to accomplish.

So you see, even without golden egg geese, my options may not be so grim after all. Now, if you do want to pray for something, pray that I get a teaching position somewhere where I am able to grow and to contribute to my students. On the meantime, I just need to have patience with myself and trust that everything will fall right into place. I’ve only been out of school for two weeks, God! I really don’t need to rush so much.

Time to go to bed. Good night!



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